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Working at Bee Talents

At Bee Talents, we build engaged teams and set new recruitment standards. You might already know this. But what is it like working with us?

As a recruiter at Bee Talents, you have one foot in our team and the other in the client's team (although you are physically at home because we are a remote team). But that doesn't mean you have to be a master or mistress in doing splits ;)

This means that when implementing recruitment, training or consulting projects at the client's, you have the knowledge, experience and support of the leaders and the entire Bee Talents team behind you. And there are many joint initiatives at your disposal, in which you can participate on a daily basis.

And regardless of whether you are recruiting at a client, acquiring new clients or organizing work in our office, you always have someone to drink coffee with (live or virtually), ask for advice or just talk. :)

Our values


We’re partners for each other and for our clients. And, as in any partnership, we’re equal, honest, and supportive of one another.


We take ownership of achieving our goals. We don’t pass the buck or shy away from responsibility. We own it.

100% commitment

We always give our all (but only during working hours!) When we work for our clients, we’re 100% focused on achieving their goals.

Team work

We can always count on each other. No matter the seniority, job title, or clients we currently work for.

Why you should join us

Bee Talents are made up of recruitment, sales, and back office experts.

We have a lot to learn from each other, and we can support each other in building our skills and responding to the needs of our business partners.

You can work 100% remotely

or in one of our coworking spaces in Poznań, Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław.

We trust each other.

Instead of micromanagement, we offer partnership and transparency (and not just as corporate buzzwords.) We want you to cocreate Bee talents with us.

You can join a selected project group

and grow the skills you care about the most. It’s also a great opportunity to try on the role of a Project Owner!

You will quickly feel part of the team

thanks to a relaxed, open atmosphere and regular meetings in the office.

Do you value consistent feedback?

Us too! :) You can rely on the direct support of your Team Leader who will also work with you to define your priorities and OKRs.

How others see it

Tom Lewandowski
Growth Team
Bee Talents is definitely a place where I have the opportunity to learn something new every day. The pace of work and changes is fast, so I can safely say that there is always something going on and I am very happy with how many development opportunities I have here.
Kinga Pływaczyk
Technical Recruitment Team
My story with Bee Talents began in 2020 with a short internship, which turned into a cooperation that continues to this day. From the very beginning, Bee Talents gave me great trust and support, which gave me the courage to acquire new competencies. I really appreciate the opportunity to develop in many areas - I hone my recruitment skills every day as part of the RPO cooperation, and additionally, I develop my coaching competencies thanks to Rocket Hive training.
Zuzia Plonczak
Technical Recruitment Team
I joined Bee Talents in April 2021, and from the first days, I felt that people focused on teamwork and mutual support work here. Several times I played the role of a Buddy during the onboarding of new people, as well as participating in internal project groups on improving behavioral interviews, well-being, and employer branding. I appreciate the development opportunities offered by the company, trust, and the human approach to everyday communication.
Adriana Gesiarz
Technical Recruitment Team
You read a lot about the vision of organizations focused on employee feedback, teamwork and transparency of company plans, finances and investments, but it is not easy to find such companies in real life. Throw in the opportunity to talk to the CEO when we need it, the chance to create our own career path and new role, and we have the recipe for a company that really only seemed to be heard about in other people's stories. And yet! Such a company exists and has offered me all of these things and much more!

How to join us

What our recruitment process looks like.

Send us your CV or apply for open recruitment. Here's who we're looking for.
Phone interview
During a 30-minute conversation with the recruiter, we will talk about mutual expectations.
Online interview
During an hour-long meeting, we’ll talk about your knowledge and experience. We’re using the STAR behavioral method for this interview. We might also ask you to complete an additional task. And we’re looking forward to answering your questions!
Values interview
A final Google Meet conversation that takes about 20-30 minutes to confirm we’re indeed a good fit for each other. :)
We always give feedback, no matter the decision we make in the end. We’ll let you know upfront when you can expect to hear from us.

What's next? You decide!

When you join Bee Talents, a lot of new opportunities open up for you.

Become a mentor for the team as a Senior Specialist.
Grow your leadership skills as a Team Leader.
Join one of the project groups and explore account management, company culture management, employer branding, and other areas of marketing and business.
Share your expertise during industry events, webinars, or on our blog.
Design and host training courses for Rocket Hive.

Who we’re looking for

When you join Bee Talents, a lot of new opportunities open up for you.


We do not have any job offer in this category at the moment. Leave us your CV (section below), we will contact you if a role is opened that matches your qualifications.


We do not have any job offer in this category at the moment. Leave us your CV (section below), we will contact you if a role is opened that matches your qualifications.


We do not have any job offer in this category at the moment. Leave us your CV (section below), we will contact you if a role is opened that matches your qualifications.

Can't see anything that works for you?

Take part in the open recruitment and send us your CV. If a role comes up that suits you, we'll let you know!

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