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Mark Phillips & Emma Phillips
Company Owners

BORG5 is an engineering company specializing in providing telecommunication solutions for the transportation sector – its main area of activity is the design, implementation, and maintenance of telecommunication networks for railways.

It operates in the UK and Ireland, cooperating with leading telecommunications technology providers such as Siemens and Nokia.


The BORG5 team needed support in recruiting as many as 10 individuals for the position of Network Engineer. The lack of an internal focused recruitment capability in the organization and location-related restrictions on candidate availability meant that BORG5 decided to work with an external recruitment agency.

The client was looking for both experienced individuals and entry-level juniors who could support the existing team. Initially, this meant that we could contact many people in the market, and such a large talent pool of potential candidates would allow us to fill so many roles efficiently.

The challenge arose when the client specified the requirements for the candidates. Since the Polish branch of BORG5 is located in Bydgoszcz and the team usually works from the office, it was from the vicinity of this city that people were to be sought. What did this mean for us? A significant limitation of the talent pool!

However, the recruitment challenges were just the beginning of our cooperation. The detailed scope of cooperation between BORG5 and us significantly changed during our acquaintance - you can read below about how!


In the case of recruitment for Network Engineer, the verification and deeper interpretation of individual stages of the process were crucial to the project's success. Wiktoria, a Tech Recruiter managing the project, conducted a comprehensive market analysis for the client, explaining the mechanisms of recruitment in IT. This research, the analysis of the initial responses of the candidates to the advertisements, and the study of the effectiveness of various job boards filled the gap caused by the lack of the client's internal recruitment department and allowed for more efficient decision-making concerning the process.

Based on Wiktoria’s information, changes could be made to achieve better results. Thanks to modifications to the content of the offer, the way of describing the position, and the use of additional advertisement display locations, we successfully found people for the open roles for the client.

However, employment was not everything!

Wiktoria suggested new tools to the client that not only facilitated cooperation, but also positively influenced the recruitment processes at BORG5. These included:

  • a system for submitting CVs to the client, which facilitated introduction of comments to the recruitment and replaced the excels used before;
  • ability to quickly check the status of all candidates at every stage of the recruitment process;
  • a Candidate Experience survey, which was a significant source of obtaining feedback from participants in the process - this feedback influenced the appearance of the entire recruitment.

From June to November 2022, we employed not 10, but 14 (!) people for the BORG5 team.

However, our adventure with the BORG5 team did not end there! In January 2023, Mark Phillips, Company Owner & Project Manager, came back to us with a question about whether we are open to Wiktoria taking over project management-related duties in their team. We were very open to this, and subsequently, we jointly defined the responsibilities of this specific support without recruitment.

Among Wiktoria’s new tasks were:

  • relieving the remaining PMs in the BORG5 team in current tasks,
  • taking care of the smooth progress of ongoing projects, including contact with involved individuals and subcontractors,
  • proposing, creating, and supplementing reports,
  • assisting in organizing processes such as onboarding and offboarding,
  • audit and consulting in terms of what else could be improved in the company's operation.


The most important results of this cooperation include:

  • in 5 months of cooperation, we managed to employ 14 people,
  • we recorded a response rate (RR, the ratio of responses to messages sent by our recruiters) at 42% - which means that it was significantly higher than the market average of 27-28% (data from the LinkedIn survey for Q4 2022 - Q1 2023); it indicates good quality communication with people in the market,
    • we developed specific tools to study the following values: candidate experience (CX) in the recruitment process, employee experience (EX) in onboarding, and EX in offboarding, 

  • we created email templates that contributed to better communication with candidates in the recruitment process.

It is worth emphasizing that BORG5 consists of individuals with strong technical competencies, and Wiktoria’s support helped to improve intra-team cooperation and organize the necessary HR processes!

Flexibility has been a central element in the relationship between BORG5 and Bee Talents. The team were able to quickly interpret our recruitment requirements and then turn this into the resulting skills we needed to meet our contractual commitments. Having recognised Wiktoria’s capability and understanding of our operation we felt she was the ideal candidate to join our Project Delivery team. This request was quickly acknowledged and resulted in Wiktoria becoming an integrated fully contributing member of our team in a matter of weeks.

Mark Phillips, Company Owner & Project Manager at BORG5

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