Recruitment of 18 IT specialists in half a year?

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Marta Mikolajczyk
Talent Acquisition Partner

Codility creates a well-known IT platform for testing candidates' coding skills. The product is used by companies such as Slack, Twitch, EA, Konami, Zalando, Intel, and BMW.

The company employs over 170 people in three locations – London, San Francisco, and Warsaw. It was the team of the Warsaw main office that we had the opportunity to support for 6 months.


At the beginning of 2019, Codility faced the challenge of scaling the team really fast, which was, among others, caused by the fact that after 10 years of bootstrapping, the company decided to attract investors. In terms of recruitment, this meant:

  • Quickly employing dozens of new people for the organization and opening many new roles (Codilty from 09/2018 to 09/2019 increased its employment by 83%!).
  • The need to optimize the recruitment process so that it takes as little time as possible while allowing you to really get to know the candidates.
  • Introducing a Technical Recruiter in the organization.

We worked together for 6 months on RPO services (recruitment process outsourcing). One of our recruiters worked exclusively for Codility, dividing their time between working in the Partner's office and working remotely from Poznań.

Together, we decided that it was a very good solution because it would allow for a significant increase in efforts almost overnight - the waiting time for the service was about a week. An equally important element was the transfer of knowledge resulting from Bee Talents' specialization and experience with many clients, as well as access to specialized sourcing tools.

Another key fact was that with a large number of recruitments, the RPO is financially much more beneficial than traditional agency recruitment.

During the first weeks we focused on:

  • Optimizing the recruitment process (in terms of selection speed and accuracy),
  • Configuring the ATS-Lever system to best serve the already optimized processes,
  • Training Hiring Managers in the use of the ATS system and conducting behavioral interviews.

This let us proceed to the next stage, i.e., recruitment for technical and related roles - e.g., Agile Coach. For this purpose, we used both inbound channels (Codility and Bee Talents career page, job ads, and paid ads) and conducted active searches, which involved the entire Bee Talents team of recruiters equipped with the LinkedIn Recruitment Professional Services tools.

The last stage of our project was the support in Marta's technical onboarding, who is currently a Talent Acquisition Partner at Codility.


faster hiring rate than average for standard agency recruitment


lower costs than in the case of the standard agency recruitment
  • Optimized, universal process that allows for large scale recruitment.
  • Over 18 tech people hired, at a rate 6x faster than the average for standard agency recruitment.
  • The talent acquisition partner's extensive experience, combined with the transferred technical knowledge, which pays off in Codility to this day! 🙂
  • Cost reduction by a minimum of 53% compared to standard agency recruitment.

With all of the above, the company was able to react quickly to the need for intense scaling, adapt its recruitment processes, and give itself time to hire and onboard In-House Recruiters, who eventually took over the process without losing the momentum.

Bee Talents helped us to hire a lot of developers in a demanding time for Codility of rapid scaling. They were flexible, persistent, always engaged, and we could rely on them in any situation. If you care about results, don't think twice about it! Bee Talents is a great option for you. And the good atmosphere is a bonus 🙂

Marta Mikołajczyk, Talent Acquisition Partner w Codility

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