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Dorothy Kowalik
IT Recruitment Team Lead

Nordcloud is one of the fastest growing Finnish technology companies and a leading provider of cloud solutions in Europe. As one of the few companies, it can boast all three audited certificates - AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Google Cloud Premier Partner and Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner.

The organization employs almost 500 people located in offices in: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


At the end of 2019, our clients' demand for specialists increased significantly, and the internal recruitment team had to respond to it. In addition, another recruiter was joining the team in March 2020, so there were 3 months of much more work ahead of the team. Nordcloud's expectations regarding our work together included:

  • Active recruitment in Austria and Germany,
  • Support in administrative processes (end-to-end recruitment),
  • Specialized technical knowledge related to cloud technologies.

With the need to conduct end-to-end recruitment and deliver results fast, we started working in the RPO model, i.e., we had one recruiter work exclusively for the client at 100% capacity.

Michał joined the Nordcloud team in December 2019, supporting the company in recruitment in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for roles such as:

  • Azure/AWS/ GCP Architect
  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • Cloud Database Administrator
  • Cloud Service Delivery Manager
  • Cloud Developer
  • Data Engineer

After a short but intense onboarding, getting to know the company's culture, and learning the processes and standards in the company, Michał got down to work, working directly with Dorota Kowalik, IT Recruitment Team Leader at Nordcloud. His tasks included the acquisition of active and passive candidates, conducting the first Interview, setting expectations and communicating with Hiring Managers (including C-Level), taking care of candidates, explaining tasks, managing the recruitment process in Austria and Germany, and providing feedback (also after technical tasks). Michał also had full access to tools - the ATS system, internal Trello boards, and Slack and was included in the agile process, which meant, for example, participation in the local daily meetings.

When the collaboration ended, Michał organized the information on recruitment in Austria and Germany, which allowed other recruiters at Nordcloud to apply these processes faster and more effectively.


employed candidates within 3 months of cooperation


lower costs than in the case of the standard agency recruitment
  • 6 candidates hired in Austria and Germany.
  • Significant relief in the administrative work related to the process.
  • Organizing information on the specifics of recruitment in Austria and Germany.
  • 65% savings compared to traditional recruitment based on success fees

All these efforts, along with finding the right partner, allowed the Nordcloud recruitment team to efficiently respond to the growing business needs while waiting for another in-house recruiter to join.

Together with Bee Talents, we quickly agreed on the terms, rules, and scope of our work together, and the results were great. In a very dynamic time for us, the RPO service allowed us at Nordcloud to maintain the quality and pace of completing international recruitment projects.

Dorota Kowalik, IT Recruitment Team Lead w Nordcloud

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