24 jobs in 10 months

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Aleksandra Wojdat
Recruitment Team Leader

Semantive is a software house providing professional software engineering services, specializing in AWS and Azure cloud solutions. Semantive is made up of certified engineers who work in agile, focusing code quality, and have great communication skills. They're key partners and consultants for the organizations they work with.

Semantive took first place in Poland in the Deloitte 2019 ranking in the Technology Fast 50 category and they're not stopping there! They're gradually expanding their client portfolio and the scope of their activities.


Scaling the Semantive team fast while maintaining the highest quality of candidates and the recruitment process.

Hiring Plan:
From September to December 2021 - 12 people
From January to July 2022 - 12 people

Recruitment for managing roles:
Head of Growth & Head of Operations


In 10 months working together, we completed 24 recruitments for technical and non-technical roles, such as:

  • Python Cloud Developer (various seniority)
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • People & Office Specialist
  • DevOps
  • .NET Developer
  • Python Cloud Tech Lead
  • Delivery Manager
  • Head of Operations
  • HR Business Partner

Our recruiters - Filip Kaczmarek and Igor Ganowicz - joined Semantive when the company was starting to scale its operations. The first challenges were focused on recruitment and divided into two areas:

  • building an efficient People team
  • the need to do technical recruitment.

We started to meet these challenges quickly and effectively - the first people were hired in October, and the next ones in November. The first person to join the team was a person for the position of People & Office Specialist, then experienced Cloud Engineers and DevOps, IT Recruiter, and in early 2022 - Recruitment Team Leader.

The entire recruitment process was in our hands - from the moment of collecting requirements for the role, to acquiring candidates (sourcing, advertisements), to conducting interviews, arranging meetings with Hiring Managers, to submitting and negotiating the offer. In addition, we also handled:

  • support for the creation of the onboarding process (conducting meetings - IT recruitment, sourcing, and Buddy for the newly joining IT Recruiter - i.e., a dedicated person who supports new team members from their first day at work),
  • planning and improving the recruitment process (with a focus on Candidate Experience),
  • collecting market data,
  • creating salary benchmarks,
  • creating Q&A files on recruitment issues

As of today, we're continuing with the steady expansion of technical teams with the support of a new recruitment duo: - Radosław Smarslik and Dominika Wnuk.


people we employed in the 10 months we worked with Semantive


Why did we succeed, and the RPO model turned out to be so effective?

The main factors that contributed to the success of the project were knowledge of the IT industry, constant communication based on understanding Semantive's needs and establishing clear rules of working together, which is how we could meet our goals. During our work, we were guided by understanding business needs, proper prioritization of tasks, and a partnership attitude, which allowed us to increase the scope of the service from strictly technical recruitment to the recruitment of the Back-Office, Sales, and even Head of Operations or Head of Growth.

When we started our collaboration with Bee Talents, we knew that as Semantive, we had a difficult task ahead of us, which was building and scaling the company. Filip and Igor, on behalf of Bee Talents, quickly got to know our company and the challenges and gave their 100% to help us carry out challenging recruitment projects. And the result? Great specialists on board at Semantive, high motivation to work even harder, and above all, a friendly atmosphere.

Aleksandra Wojdat, Recruitment Team Leader w Semantive

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