Sales Recruitment

Do you care about recruiting the right person for sales or sales management? Hire us and we will help you not only determine the key competencies of candidates necessary to achieve your goals, but we will also conduct the entire recruitment process for you, including a precise check of candidates' skills by a sales expert.

The sales team recruitment service is already used by:

We know each other in sales!

Are you afraid of accidental recommendations of candidates and hiring the wrong person? It's not with us! We know each other in sales. We distinguish what an Account Manager does and what a Business Development Manager does. We know what hunting is and what farming is. We have top tools that will allow us to thoroughly verify the key skills of candidates.

We will run the recruitment process for you from A to Z or we will support your activities at the stage you choose.

We recruit for sales teams mainly for clients who sell in the B2B model. We support small, medium and large companies as well as fast-scaling start-ups, most often from the IT / tech industry, but not only! We also run processes for manufacturing companies in the finance and FMCG industries. We support business owners, sales managers and HR teams.

What you gain when we hire for you?

Real demand diagnosis. We are not afraid of challenging your recruitment assumptions. We actively advise you on what position and what competencies are most needed in your company.
Assistance in the overall creation of the position, e.g. in terms of the level of remuneration, bonus system or benefits appropriate for a given sales role.
Proven methods to deepen the candidate's statements. We do not fall for the flowery statements of sales people.
Active search and access to a network of people specializing in sales. We do not rely only on job boards!
Time saving - we send you only precisely matched, verified by us candidates with the greatest potential.
Recruitment focused on sales results. We assume that the person recruited by us has a real impact on increasing sales in your company.
Transparent rules of cooperation: we do not make our remuneration dependent on the remuneration of the employed seller!

How it works

We start the process with a kick-off meeting, during which we establish with you the framework of cooperation and the persons responsible for communication on both sides. Together we decide what the recruitment process looks like and what tasks we use to verify the candidate's competencies.
Spotykamy się na sesję discovery. Efektem warsztatu jest precyzyjne określenie sylwetki kandydata - jakie umiejętności oraz cechy osobowości musi posiadać, żeby osiągać oczekiwane przez Ciebie wyniki sprzedażowe.
We search for candidates. We conduct preliminary talks with them and tasks agreed with you during the kick-off. As a result, we select candidates who exactly match your expectations.
For each of the candidates we recommend (usually three), we create a brief in which you will find complete information about the motivation, experience, expectations and availability of the candidate.
We constantly analyze all our moves and report on them each week so that you can get solid results and relevant data.
Our cooperation ends only when the right person is hired.

What positions do we recruit for?


Pre-Sales, Sales Assistant, Junior Business Development and others


Business Development Manager, Account Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Representative, Sales Engineer and others


Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Key Account Manager and others


Sales Director, Head of Sales, VP Sales, Sales Director, Head of Business Development, Head of Growth and others

See how it works in practice

Aleksandra Wojdat
Recruitment Team Leader
When we started our collaboration with Bee Talents, we knew that as Semantive, we had a difficult task ahead of us, which was building and scaling the company. (...) And the result? Great specialists on board.

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