Career consulting: professional support in the change process

Discover your career path with the help of our consultations with recruiters. Personalized consulting, from CV to building your personal brand on LinkedIn, will help you achieve your professional goals and become attractive on the labor market. Develop with us, regardless of the stage you are at.

What is career consulting?

Career consulting is a service designed to equip you with the tools necessary to effectively stand out on the labor market.

We focus on three key areas: optimizing your CV and LinkedIn profile to attract the attention of recruiters, developing a personal branding strategy that will highlight your unique advantages, and detailed preparation for job interviews and other stages of recruitment.

Our service is tailored to the needs of people changing jobs, industries or looking to develop their careers, providing specific, working solutions.

How can we support you?

Single advisory meeting

An option for people who need support in improving their CV and LinkedIn profile, have a clearly defined professional goal and want to increase their visibility on the labor market.

An advisory consultation during which we focus on optimizing your CV and LinkedIn profile, talking about recruitment processes, and preparing for a job interview.

After the consultation, we return by e-mail with an analysis of your CV and LinkedIn profile and suggestions. We prepare for the meeting in advance and collect all information about the roles you may be interested in, so expect nothing less than specifics!

Price: PLN 300 gross for the package: one-hour meeting + e-mail analysis of CV and LinkedIn profile.

Personal branding with career consulting

An extended option addressed to people planning to change their career or industry, looking for an individual career development path and facing professional challenges.

A comprehensive service including several meetings depending on your needs, which we will diagnose together. We'll discuss your career goals, your LinkedIn personal branding strategy, and strategies to increase your visibility to recruiters, and help you prepare for job applications and interviews.

Price: PLN 300 gross per meeting (usually 3 meetings is the minimum)


How it works

Preparation or corrections in your CV - you will receive feedback on your CV and a list of changes that should be made to have a better chance of being invited to an interview.
Optimizing your profile on LinkedIn - you will learn how to refine your profile so that you receive more offers on LinkedIn, appear among the suggested candidates and have the profile work to your advantage already during the process.
Analysis of the market and current opportunities - we will analyze what are the current trends in your industry, what positions are worth applying for and what employers may be looking for.
Analysis of potential recruitment processes and tasks - we will talk about what to expect from the process and what are the standards for the roles you are interested in. You will learn what it all looks like from the recruiter's perspective.
Preparation for a recruitment interview - we will prepare you for a recruitment interview, practice the most common and most difficult questions and tell you what else you can expect.
Post-service support - you are not left alone after everything, you can still count on our e-mail support!

What you get

Insights into key CV and LinkedIn profile optimization techniques that increase your chances of getting an interview.
Practical advice for building a strong personal brand in your industry, increasing your attractiveness to potential employers.
Proven interview preparation techniques that will help you answer difficult questions with confidence.
Up-to-date information on trends in the labor market, enabling you to adapt your job search strategy to employers' expectations.
Tips on preparing for specific recruitment tasks, such as presentations or competency tests, increasing readiness for various recruitment challenges.

Let's talk about how we can support you

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