One-off recruitment

Growing your team? Or maybe you’re looking for candidates for specific or even niche roles in tech? Ask us to hire for one or several different positions, and we’ll handle the entire process and deliver the results you expect.

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How we work together for one-off recruitment projects?

Our one-off recruitment projects are based on the retainer fee and success fee model you might already know, having worked with traditional recruitment agencies. You ask us to hire for one or more roles, and we take over most of the hiring process as a one-off project. The payment is split in half, with the retainer fee paid at the start of the project and the success fee after we hire your new employee.

Don’t have the best experience working with recruitment agencies? We get it – and that’s why we don’t do what they do.

With our one-off recruitment projects, you pay the retainer fee upfront. That’s how our recruiters can afford to take on fewer projects at the same time than what you’ll typically see with other agencies. Working on a maximum of 6 projects at any one time, the recruiter has more time for yours and can focus on delivering the best results instead of getting as many clients as possible.

What you gain when we hire for you?

Our process, whose effectiveness we’ve tested multiple times and which is designed to kick off and run a recruitment project really efficiently.
Weekly reports on the work done and our plans for the following week – no vagueness or meaningless buzzwords.
Feedback on how your offer is received on the job market and evaluated by potential candidates.
Constant contact with your recruiter and their team leader, who oversees the process and shares their experience.
Know-how, experience, and access to market data not just from your recruiter but from the entire team at Bee Talents.
Quick start of recruitment - within a few days based on a signed order, not a contract.
A guarantee that the employed candidate will stay in your organization for at least 6 months. If this does not happen, we will support you with additional recruitment!

How it works

We kick off the project with a meeting to get to know your needs and then prepare a sourcing strategy.
We create a brief for each candidate we recommend, with complete info on their motivation, experience, expectations, and availability.
A Team Leader oversees a recruiter’s work to help remove blockers and solve more sophisticated issues.
We constantly analyze all our moves and report on them each week so that you can get solid results and relevant data.
If your recruiter is absent, we guarantee a replacement to keep your recruitment process flowing.
We don’t finish our recruitment project until we find and hire the right person for you
You pay us in two parts: a retainer fee at the start and a success fee after we hire the candidate.

What’s included?

An experienced recruiter in charge of recruitment.

Our team is made up of experienced senior and mid recruiters who have the necessary knowledge and know-how to successfully hire people for you.

The support of a team leader and the entire Bee Talents team.

Your recruiter can consult their ideas, strategies, and challenges daily with their leader and the whole Bee Talents team.

Recruitment and offer evaluation

We’ll evaluate the strong sides of the offer and define potential pitfalls. We’ll show you data and feasible options to make it more attractive to potential candidates.

Recruitment process management

We don’t just handle sourcing but also walk the candidate through the entire recruitment process if you need our support, including setting up meetings and sending feedback to candidates. We’ll also take care of the whole candidate experience.

Specialized recruitment tools

We use tools such as LinkedIn RPS and Lever ATS, as well as top Polish job boards such as JustJoinIT, InHire, or NoFluffJobs. The cost is always on us.


Every week, you’ll get a detailed report on our activity with numbers showing how attractive your offer is on the job market, including conversions and candidate feedback.

Employer branding

We know how to construct a solid and successful job offer, which we’ll, of course, consult with you. Our candidate communication is always personalized and shows all the benefits of working for you, including your EVP and USP.

5.5 days

average days to source a candidate since the process starts


average candidates per recruitment

2-7 weeks

average weeks to hire a candidate


of candidates make it through the evaluation period


successful placements

1-2 days

days to start recruitment once we sign a contract


returning clients


satisfied clients based on an NPS survey results

See how it works in practice

Michał Biernat
Co-founder & CTO
I appreciate the patience and determination of the people I had the opportunity to work with the most :-) Regardless of the difficulties we encountered together in this demanding recruitment, I could always count on enthusiasm, professionalism, and an extraordinary dose of energy, which undoubtedly contributed to the final success of the project!
Accounto AG
Cooperation with Bee Talents has brought us effective and efficient recruitment processes, despite the challenges related to the limited pool of candidates on the market. Regular reports and detailed statistics ensured transparency and the ability to monitor progress on an ongoing basis, and their understanding and flexibility towards our needs contributed to filling all open roles in our organization.
Maryana Kateba
Senior Recruitment and EB Specialist
Grupa Żywiec S.A.
The success of the cooperation between BeeTalents and Grupa Żywiec is mainly due to transparent communication, mutual respect, common goal and care for positive experiences of candidates during the recruitment process.

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