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Adrian Roth

Bitnoise to poznański software house zatrudniający 28 osób. Specjalizuje się w tworzeniu oprogramowania i budowania dedykowanych zespołów developerskich dla swoich partnerów. Założyli go w 2009 roku dwaj bracia, Adrian i Łukasz Roth.

From the very beginning, their concept of building a company was partnership, loyalty and mutual respect. And the words "Like a Family" in relation to Bitnoise perfectly reflect the atmosphere in the organization.


Like most founders, the brothers first recruited themselves. A dedicated recruitment position in the company would be a strain on the finances of the software house. So, the main sources for candidate acquisition from the very beginning have been job boards, such as pracuj.pl. The company also hired through referrals.

Along with the steady development of the company, the needs also changed. Clients required larger teams to carry out projects, and there was not enough time for effective recruitment. Adrian and Łukasz decided to outsource the recruitment process.

We started working in the standard agency model, recruiting two developers for Bitnoise. But the ever-growing recruitment needs encouraged Adrian and Łukasz to outsource all HR challenges and start cooperation in the RPO model.

We had two main goals:

  • Recruitment fully consistent with the company's values and atmosphere
  • Taking care of HR processes and Employer Branding

Because of the needs of the company and the owners' exceptional concern for team consistency, the RPO model had several main advantages:

  • Klaudia – our Tech Recruiter – had the knowledge of all the elements of the recruitment process that the Client could tap into,
  • Apart from the recruiter's experience and knowledge, Bitnoise also got access to tools supporting the process - a LinkedIn RPS account and Lever - our ATS,
  • working closely with the client's team, often in their office, helped build relations with the team much more effectively, which in turn helped improve the feedback culture,
  • the implementation and improvement of the onboarding process was just a natural consequence.

In addition to the basic set - i.e. recruitment, onboarding and feedback, Klaudia helped the client in other areas. All because an experienced agency recruiter knows the ins and outs of a modern recruitment process.

During the first weeks of working together, we focused on:

  • carrying out the recruitment process, actively acquiring new candidates using LinkedIn RPS and social media,
  • improving the candidate selection process,
  • introducing improvements to the onboarding process
  • implementing feedback meetings with the entire team.

Over time, there were also activities to enhance employer branding, such as:

  • assistance in organizing events,
  • support in creating the Career page on the Bitnoise website.


employed IT specialists


saved on working in the RPO vs. agency model
  • We met the recruitment needs by employing 6 people - 5 Developers and a Project Manager,
  • We created a Guide Book for new employees, together with Dominika, Office Manager at Bitnoise,
  • We improved HR processes - feedback meetings, onboarding,
  • We supported Bitnoise in planning and organizing EB events,
  • We supported Bitnoise in creating the Career website.

Bitnoise took a risk that paid off - at a fixed cost, lower than recruitment in the standard agency model, they got professional assistance not only in recruitment, but also in many other HR areas. Being aware of the client's needs and intent on meeting them, Adrian and Łukasz became de facto team members in a very short time.

The trust that Bitnoise placed in us did not end with the end of the RPO collaboration. After reducing their recruitment needs, we only changed the model. In the following months, we recruited for Bitnoise in the traditional, agency model.

With Klaudia's presence in the company and constant contact with the team, she was very familiar with our needs at Bitnoise, and she knew exactly who we were looking for. She not only supported our recruitment processes but also broadly understood HR and EB. We recommend Bee Talents for the speed of reaction, flexibility, willingness to prototype solutions and, above all, working as partners.

Adrian Roth, CEO Bitnoise

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