Construction of 3 teams in 10 months

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Julian Wedge
Founder and Managing Director

SmartPatient is the international team behind MyTherapy - an application that helps monitor the health of patients around the world.

Founded by three med-tech enthusiasts, SmartPatient currently has 100 people working from the office in Munich (business development), from the office in Warsaw, or remotely in Poland (product development).


SmartPatient in 2012 was founded in Munich. But they quickly decided to develop a tech hub in Poland. They chose Warsaw as their second office.

After the first attempts at self-recruitment, they decided to support key processes by entrusting them to an IT recruitment agency. Their choice turned out to be Bee Talents.

At the very beginning, the cooperation was based on the standard agency model recruitment outsourcing, i.e. retainer fee/success fee projects. But their recruitment needs grew in direct proportion to the ever faster development of the product itself.

The original goal evolved to building another 2-3 product teams as soon as possible, which meant employing over 15 people in the shortest possible time. With a rapidly growing team, it was also necessary to take care of the recruitment process itself, employer branding, and the onboarding process, which is why the founders of SmartPatient decided to work as part of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service, and Marta Lachowicz became their dedicated consultant.


  • Quick and effective recruitment consistent with the company's values
  • Brand promotion among the Warsaw IT community
  • Audit and improvement of the recruitment and onboarding processes
  • ATS implementation
  • Internal training and creating a knowledge base, e.g. on the subject of providing feedback to candidates or team members.

At the end of 2019, when our RPO collaboration started, Smartpatient focused on building a team locally in Warsaw. By getting to know the team, internal processes, work culture, and values that guide Smartpatient, the RPO service showed its effectiveness from the very beginning:

  • Smartpatient could use Marta's knowledge of building and streamlining recruitment and candidate selection processes, any time
  • additional time for researching tools supporting the recruitment process - the first goal was to introduce an internal applicant tracking system,
  • access to the LinkedIn RPS account and own ATS guaranteed by Bee Talents allowed for a two-track process and supervision by one team,
  • Marta, as a full member of the HR team in the client's ranks, was able to create a recruitment strategy more efficiently,
  • thanks to the relationship built, examining the client's needs, consulting, and introducing changes met with the enthusiasm and commitment of the client's team.

The RPO case of SmartPatient is another example of how recruitment is not only acquiring and employing candidates, but also internal HR and employer branding processes. As an HR Consultant, Marta took care of building brand awareness for the client among the Warsaw IT community.

In recruitment, we focused on inbound (SmartPatient and Bee Talents career website, ads, Google Ads campaign) and active sourcing and reaching passive candidates using Google Ads or LinkedIn Recruitment Professional Services.

The dynamic growth meant that we needed to have a fresh look at the existing HR processes. At the very beginning, we focused on doing an audit and improving the onboarding process.

Then we looked at the standards for providing feedback. The result was the creation of a Guide Book as well as workshops and a Q&A session on feedback. Marta assumed the role of Project Owner for a project group composed of members of the client's HR team.

  • researching the needs
  • consulting solutions
  • building a process
  • guide book
  • internal training with Q&A session
  • individual consultations


people we employed in the 10 months working with SmartPatient


lower costs than with standard agency recruitment
  • Together, we met all the recruitment needs and even exceeded the initial hiring plan, eventually employing 21 people - Scrum Master, Release Test Lead, Testers, SysOps, User Support Manager, iOS Developers, Android Developers, and Python Developers. This allowed the building of three full product teams and helped form new ones in the future.
  • We refreshed the onboarding process by introducing the Buddy role and a Guide Book.
  • We improved the recruitment process by introducing an ATS platform, reviewing the stages of the process, and more.
  • We audited the feedback culture in the organization and set new standards for its delivery.
  • We supported SmartPatient in planning and organizing employer branding events and meetups, recruitment marketing, and writing series of technical blog posts to build the personal brands of SmartPatient engineers.

SmartPatient decided on a model that guaranteed the support of their team with diverse experience and advanced sourcing tools provided by Bee Talents. Marta took care of the knowledge transfer, working very closely with the business and the client's HR department.

A fixed monthly fee allowed Marta to be 100% involved in helping SmartPatient, which resulted in high effectiveness of all recruitment and HR initiatives.

SmartPatient's openness to introducing Marta into the internal team was also invaluable.

In addition, with such a large volume of employment, RPO turned out to be a much more profitable option than the standard valuation of projects based on the retainer and success fees.

Our work with SmartPatient is still in full swing, allowing us to react quickly to the team's constant growth dynamics. SmartPatient pursues further business goals, and starting in March 2021, Marta was joined by Ewa Misztal for the RPO services at SmartPatient.

It was a pleasure to work with Marta – our dedicated RPO consultant. Her excellent communication and people skills helped us grow our Development, User Support, and QA teams, and on top of that, she helped us find a great Scrum Master. The RPO collaboration with Bee Talents worked for us perfectly, having a great impact on scaling our team. We highly recommend Bee Talents as a recruiting partner!

Julian Wedge, Founder and Managing Director w SmartPatient

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