Hiring a Python Test Developer in a month

Case study created with
Justyna Cichocka
Employer Branding Specialist
Solwit S.A

Solwit has been developing and testing software for clients from all over the world for 11 years. You can see the results of their work in everyday life. They created, among others, insulin pump software, co-created a system that handles the safety of train traffic, and an application to control the heat at home. The company has over 50 active projects.


Recruitment marketing campaign for the position of Python/Angular 8+ Developer Mid.


  • creating a dedicated landing page (preview: https://mr.beetalents.com/solwit-python-angular-developer/ ),
  • implementing analytical tools, such as Facebook pixel, Google Analytics in order to collect as much campaign data as possible,

    production of a set of promotional graphics,

    creating groups of recipients based on the internal database (it's generated by our ATS and Facebook generates a group of similar recipients, i.e. those most closely matched to those from the database).


The campaign was initially launched on two most effective channels, i.e. Facebook and LinkedIn. The first platform brought the best results, but we're not giving up on LinkedIn due to the specificity of the medium and very precise targeting options (current position, working in a specific company, or selected skills).

In this case, recruitment marketing was supported by a test remarketing campaign in Google Ads - graphics in three formats were displayed to all people who had contact with the ad, i.e. visited the landing page. The results were so good that we decided to include this action in the standard campaign.

The activities were additionally supported by a job ad and posts in special groups on Facebook.


CVs generated by the campaign


reach generated by all ads in a month

Within a month, we managed to obtain the CVs of 4 candidates - one person was hired, which gives a conversion rate of 25%! Interestingly, the candidate was not hired for the position from the job offer, but for the position of Python Test Developer. The campaign generated a reach of over 34,000, and thanks to numerous graphics, we had continuous exposure of the brand logo among the most interested target group.

The best proof of the effectiveness of our activities is that we keep working on filling more roles.


The total cost of the campaign is PLN 7,500 net. Of this amount, PLN 2,000 is the advertising budget, and the remaining amount is the implementation of the campaign, including the creation of a dedicated landing page, promotional graphics as well as ad management and optimization for best results.

Extending the campaign (for the same position or another) costs PLN 3,000 - PLN 2,000 of which is the advertising budget, and the remaining amount is the cost of maintaining and optimizing ads.

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