Accounto Case Study: how we found 8 people for 4 roles in RF/SF model!

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“Accounto is a 5-year-old start-up from Switzerland creating technical solutions in the field of accounting for medium and small enterprises (SME) and trust funds. Their products simplify the work of these companies and make it more effective due to daily task automation and implementing Machine Learning.” (taken from job offers)

Accounto’s mission is to create tools that allow SMP and trust companies to automate administrative tasks and thus focus on their core business. And for this to be possible, the right specialists are needed - people fascinated by innovations!


We started working with Accounto for the first time in 2019. The company’s CTO, Jan-Hendrik Heuing, faced the challenge of creating a completely new team in his organization - and our task was to help him achieve this goal!

We were looking for candidates for the following positions:

  • Senior Angular Developer,
  • Senior Ruby on Rails Developer.

The client envisioned hiring 4 people depending on the skills of the applicants. From the very beginning, communication between the Accounto and Bee Talents teams was crucial to select not only the right talents, but also those that will complement each other and create an efficient team.

Over two years later (in 2022), the client returned to us with another challenge in the form of employment:

  • (again) Senior Ruby on Rails Developer,
  • Senior Product Owner.

At that time, Accounto was already at the next stage of both organization growth and product development. Hence the strong need to find not only programmers, but also a PO well-versed in IT, who could look at the project from a birds-eye view and nurture the team and processes by elevating agile methodologies to a new level.


When we started our cooperation with Accounto for the first time, the client was focused on onboarding the new people as soon as possible, as well as validating and introducing improvements to the product.

What helped us achieve that goal were the proper style of job postings as well as the emphasis on the undoubted value of the offer, such as:

  • otwarta komunikacja dotycząca wynagrodzenia,
  • 100% remote work and fully flexible working hours (which in 2019 were not the norm on the market!),
  • working in an international financial start-up (Switzerland-based team).

Our cooperation began in May 2019, and by June of that year the client decided to hire the first candidates we sent. We finished the entire process in July - in less than 2 months, we have filled all the roles for the Accounto team!

When Accounto returned to us in 2022 with further recruitment needs, we already had Marta in mind for the cooperation - the recruiter who took care of their project back in the day. Since Marta already knew the client’s needs and team perfectly, we were able to start activities for new roles faster and more efficiently.

After 3 years, Accounto came back to us with the need to find a few more Ruby Developers and - interestingly - a Product Owner (soft roles are completely different than technical, but we also work on those :)) It was nice to discover that even after these few years, some of the people I have helped in hiring are still working there, and even more - they are developing within the organization or are currently participating in the recruitment process from the other side (e.g. conducting technical meetings)!

Marta Kamińska-Królak, Recruitment Quality Expert, Bee Talents

At one point in time, we discovered the need to expand the process with new stages and additional stakeholders. Interestingly, both changes streamlined the already-efficient process due to a clearer division of tasks and responsibilities!

The recruitment process in the RF/SF model for Accounto was as follows:

  1. Pre-interview with Bee Talents (30 minutes) - Marta pre-checked candidates’ experience
  2. Business conversation (30 minutes) with Accounto - Diane (People Development & HR Manager) verified the fit of candidates to the organization more thoroughly
  3. Technical interview with the CTO and Back-End Tech Lead from the Accounto team - they focused on verifying programming skills
  4. Demo day - a paid day, thanks to which candidates could get to know the Accounto team better (and vice versa)
  5. Offer presentation

One of the key process improvements was the access to the CTO’s calendar! Easily-accessible source of information about the availability of decision-makers had a direct impact on the efficient course of recruitment.


total number of recruitment processes for Accounto

1 month

time of first employment from the start of the process

Accounto is not only one of our satisfied, but above all - returning customers!

In total, we hired 8 people for Accounto for 4 different roles:

  • Senior Angular Developer,
  • Senior Ruby on Rails Developer,
  • Ruby on Rails Engineer,
  • Senior Product Owner.

More trivia from the process(es):

  • Senior Angular Engineer: 3 out of 5 candidates sent in 2019 were hired!
  • Senior Ruby on Rails Developer: we hired 2 people in a month!
  • Ruby on Rails Engineer: RR (candidate response rate, i.e. the response rate to messages sent by our recruiters) was almost 52%
  • Senior Product Owner: we invited 23 candidates to the process, and the offer was presented (and accepted!) after only a month!

It is also worth mentioning that one of the developers we hired in 2019 developed into Back-End Tech Lead and in 2022 we met him again, this time as a stakeholder in the recruitment process, and hired new people together!

Cooperation with Bee Talents has brought us effective and efficient recruitment processes, despite the challenges related to the limited pool of candidates on the market. Regular reports and detailed statistics ensured transparency and the ability to monitor progress on an ongoing basis, and their understanding and flexibility towards our needs contributed to filling all open roles in our organization.

Accounto team

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