12 CVs and hiring a React Native Specialist in 2 months

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Wojciech Ogrodowczyk
Brains & Beards

Brains & Beards was founded in 2015 as the embodiment of the vision of two nerds about what efficient development of mobile applications and a modern workplace could look like. A place where you not only work with pleasure, but also constantly deepen your knowledge, share it with others, and at the same time, you can sometimes relax playing a game and easily maintain work-life balance.


Running a campaign for the position of React Native Developer and obtaining as many valuable CVs as possible.


  • creating a dedicated landing page (preview at this link ).
  • implementation of analytical tools , such as Facebook pixel, Google Analytics in order to collect as much data about the campaign as possible,
  • creating a set of promotional graphics ,
  • creating groups of recipients based on the internal database (it is generated by our ATS and on its basis Facebook generates a group of similar recipients, i.e. those most closely matched to those from the database).

The campaign was carried out on the three most popular advertising platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn, which were supported by Google remarketing.

By far the best-performing was the campaign on Facebook, which was based on people similar to those from the contact lists from our ATS. Since Facebook requires the selection of a specific category when creating an ad for recruitment (i.e. with a link to a job ad), we hear that the campaign results might be worse. This is due to the large limitations in targeting. We don't have this problem because we rely on our own contact lists and extensive custom groups.

The second result was provided by the LinkedIn campaign addressed to people working in a selected position and having at least 2 years of experience. The whole thing was supported by remarketing in Google Ads.


CVs received by the client within 2 months



The campaign lasted two months, and it got a total of 12 CVs. Finally, a candidate was also hired, which was the ultimate goal of the campaign.

As a small company, we have few resources to devote to actively looking for new employees, and the usual job ads did not seem to reach the candidates we wanted. The Bee Talents offer allowed us to find interesting candidates without spending a lot of our time. Working with them was fast, solid and, most importantly, successful. My only regret is that we didn't contact them sooner.

Jane Doe, HR Manager, Acme


The total cost of the campaign is PLN 10,500 net* (first campaign + extension). Of this amount, PLN 4,000 is the advertising budget, and the remaining cost is the preparation of materials and connecting the analytics, activating the campaign, ad optimization and reporting results.

Due to the high trust of our clients and numerous renewals of recruitment marketing campaigns for new or current roles, we have created an attractive package that includes 3 months of service (its cost is PLN 16,500 net - including PLN 7,500 net of the advertising budget alone). It is an ideal option for companies that care about obtaining CVs on a regular basis and building brand awareness among a selected group of recipients.

*As of today, the cost of the recruitment marketing campaign is PLN 9,000 net - of this amount, the advertising budget is PLN 2,500.

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