Recruitment consulting: Let’s solve your hiring challenges

If you’ve run out of candidate sourcing ideas, and your recruitment strategies don’t seem to work like you want them to, we’ll be happy to support you and your team in reaching your business goals.

Companies we’ve worked with

Your recruitment support when you need it

Within our recruitment consulting services at Bee Talents, we can support you and your team in designing and implementing your company's recruitment processes.

And that’s whether you’re a big corporation or a scaleup, including when you want to build a team in Poland. We provide consulting services both when it comes to strategy and operations – in a narrow selected scope or as a monthly retainer fee.

What you get

Detailed knowledge of key recruitment aspects for your team, with recommendations on how to handle them.
The know-how of a few dozen recruiters who’ve been there and done that when it comes to tech recruitment (especially in the Polish job market).
Valuable insights into collaborating and talking to business.
Streamlining key hiring processes in your company.
Supporting your team in carrying out your hiring plan

How it works

We’ll first talk about the specifics – specifically, your business goals.
Then we’ll focus on diagnosing the problems that make it difficult to reach those goals – along the entire recruitment process or in its specific parts.
Based on the diagnosis, we’ll put together an action plan. If you’re down with it, we’ll get to work with your team.
We can agree on a given number of hours or a monthly retainer – based on your needs and the problems we need to solve.
We’ll regularly monitor the results of our work and summarize it at the end, with recommendations for the next steps.

What we can work on together

Recruitment strategy (including building a team in Poland)

We’ll support you in analyzing resources, creating a strategy, and designing recruitment processes.

We’ll take a look at what your competitors do, map the market, look at the attractiveness of your offer, and educate your team on effective recruitment processes.

Recruitment processes

We can help you optimize the entire recruitment process or solve a specific problem you currently have on your plate.

We can advise on anything from sourcing and selecting candidates, to diagnosing competencies, to negotiating up until onboarding a new employee.

Candidate sourcing

If your main challenge is sourcing the right candidates, we can help create an effective sourcing strategy, including market mapping and competitor benchmarking.

We’ll share ideas on reaching the right people with recruitment marketing tools, and we’ll track the candidate experience for people interested in your offer.

Tools and data

We'll look closely into how you collect and analyze recruitment data to find out what might not work and help you change it to improve the effectiveness of your recruitment processes.

We’ll also share relevant reports and market data as well as tips on practical tools and automations that make a recruiter’s life easier and candidate communication smoother.

What’s included

A goldmine of tried and tested ideas

If your current hiring methods don’t always work, or you’ve hit a wall in recruitment, you can tap into the support of our entire team of recruiters, who’ve been there and done that. They just know what to do. (And they know the Polish tech market inside out if you’re looking to hire here.)

A precise diagnosis

We always diagnose the root cause of the problems first. That’s how we can prioritize solving the burning issues that affect the business the most. And hundreds of completed projects mean we know the dos and don’ts of recruitment.

A precise result

We really care about supporting you in achieving specific business goals. That’s why we always focus on project objectives first to nail down what we want to achieve together and in what timeframe.

Better performance with a dash of fun

We love putting together processes and making them work for our clients. We also love teaching teams how to work within those processes. And, most of all, we love seeing the results of the changes made. It’s the best feeling!

Data, data and more data

We don’t particularly enjoy guesswork, and the phrase “I think we should” isn’t really a part of our vocabularies. We equip recruitment teams with data-backed arguments based on the results of hundreds of projects and practical knowledge of the job market.

You can stop anytime

We want to be fair with our clients, so we won’t bind you with long contracts. We understand how dynamic the job market is. You can end our consulting agreement at any time for any reason.

See how it works in practice

Iga Koziel
HR Manager
In addition to the obvious success - hiring a candidate - the campaign also provided us with knowledge on how to reach candidates, which is also an added value of the process.
Justyna Cichocka
Employer Branding Specialist
Solwit S.A
The results of working with BeeTalents encouraged us to continue our collaboration. We see great potential in recruitment marketing [...].
Christopher Witczak
Software Engineering Manager
Global App Testing
In times of high competition for specialists on the IT market, brand awareness can be the key to attracting the best people. BeeTalents helps us achieve this.
Wojciech Ogrodowczyk
Brains & Beards
The Bee Talents offer allowed us to find interesting candidates without spending a lot of our time. Working with them was fast, solid, and, most importantly, successful.

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