Recruitment marketing as a way to build brand awareness

Case study co-created by
Christopher Witczak
Software Engineering Manager
Global App Testing

Global App Testing wants to change the way software is tested to make it easier, more convenient and faster than ever! Currently, the company has 120 people located mainly in Europe: they have offices in London, Krakow and Cluj. They are dynamically developing and recruiting on many fronts.


A recruitment marketing campaign for the position of Remote Fullstack Ruby Developer.


  • creating a dedicated landing page (preview: ),
  • implementation of analytical tools , such as Facebook pixel, conversion
    in Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads and Google Analytics in order to collect as much campaign data as possible,
  • production of a set of promotional graphics ,
  • creating groups of recipients based on the internal database (it is generated by our ATS and on its basis Facebook generates a group of similar recipients, i.e. those most suited to those from the database)
  • ‍ granting access to our ATS to selected GAT employees, so that they have a real-time preview of the incoming CVs and can contact selected candidates at any time

We worked together for a month. At that time, we used the most popular advertising platforms. Our standard activities have been complemented by a remarketing campaign in Google Ads, which was great support for other campaigns.

Unfortunately, despite consistent communication between the advertising and landing page and constant exposure of the logo, we got no CV in the first two weeks. It was stressful because it happens very rarely, and it was our first campaign with this Partner.

We implemented new target groups and graphics, but even though the activities were additionally supported by a job ad and posts in dedicated groups on Facebook, we didn't get any CVs.

35 000

reach generated by all ads in a month


The recruitment marketing campaign, although it generated a reach of over 35,000, didn't translate into a candidate's CV. We decided to hold a meeting to summarize our collaboration with the client to go through the report step by step. The Global App Testing Team decided to extend the campaign, knowing the value of branding activities and how difficult it is to assess the results after just one campaign.

At the time of writing this case study, we already have 4 candidate CVs, and CTRs on all advertising platforms are several times higher than before. This example shows that there are times when a candidate needs more ad exposure than usual to apply.


The cost of the first campaign is PLN 7,500* – of which PLN 2,000 is the advertising budget. Extending the campaign (for the same position or another, but with the same landing page template) costs PLN 3,000 - PLN 2,000 of which is the advertising budget, and the remaining amount is the cost of maintaining and optimizing ads.

*Currently, the price of the campaign is PLN 9,000 net, of which PLN 2,500 is the advertising budget.

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