RPO: Your dedicated recruiter

Get the support of experienced, self-driven recruitment experts ready to hire exclusively for your company and fully owning the results they deliver. No need to hire and train new in-house HR team members.

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What’s RPO, anyway?

RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) is a service where one of our recruiters or a team of recruiters works just for you, becoming a part of your team for a specified time.

This means the recruiter can dive deep into your company processes and understand your company culture really well, all to find the right candidates for the job. And because they work directly in your team, the communication around recruitment gets a lot easier. And if you’re an international company looking to build a tech team in Poland, you’ll get support from someone who knows it inside out.

What you gain with RPO

Effective recruitment support in the area of new technologies, without the need to hire and train new HR employees.
Support from a recruiter who works only for you like an in-house recruiter. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we do not employ freelancers for a specific project.
Free access to recruitment tools (RPS and ATS, thanks to which we publish offers on 20 job boards) and recruiter tools (computer, telephone).
Access to an active database with over 50,000 candidates with GDPR consents.
A weekly report with a summary of activities (including: number of candidates in the process, response rate, feedback on the offer).
Strategic knowledge of a team leader who supports the recruiter's work.
Up to 75% savings compared to traditional recruitment.
Possibility to improve processes within your company thanks to the knowledge of our team of IT recruiters: we support, among others: in the CX audit, defining the candidate persona or in the onboarding process.
Quick start of recruitment - in just a few days.
Confidence that we care about real results! We can introduce remuneration with settlement for results to the rules of cooperation, while reducing the amount of the basic remuneration
If you do not want long commitments - a subscription model with flexible terms of cooperation, with a one-month or shorter notice period.
Option to recruit not only for IT roles!

How it works

Depending on the service you choose, you will be joined by a full-time or part-time recruiter/team of recruiters.
Recruiter supports you and your team on a continuous basis in recruitment and in the organization of related processes.
As part of the service, you gain access to tools such as LinkedIn RPS or ATS Lever. The cost of these systems is always our responsibility. Thanks to cooperation with Inhire.io, we have constant access to an active database of over 50,000 candidates. Additionally, your ad will appear on dozens of websites and social media - also included in the price of the service!
The recruiter is supervised by a team leader, who keeps in touch with you to optimize tasks, remove blockers, and share their experience.
We report on and analyze all efforts, getting you solid results and data.
You pay a convenient monthly retainer fee for the time we agree on.
If the recruiter is absent, we guarantee a replacement to keep service continuity.

What's included

A recruiter working exclusively for you

The recruiter becomes part of your team and owns achieving your recruitment goals, ensuring a consistently high quality of the recruitment process for candidates.

The support of Team Leaders and Senior Recruiters

The team leader is your account manager – they’ll share their experience, recommend solutions, and help solve problems. Recruiters working on your hiring projects can also consult their ideas, strategies, and challenges daily with leaders and the entire team.

Recruitment process audit and optimization

We’ll look at your current recruitment process in detail and suggest improvements based on the available data and the collective experience of our entire team gained during similar projects.

Prepping and evaluating your job offer

We’ll advise you on the attractiveness of your offer, the results you can expect, and what could improve them. We’ll also help you define the candidate persona, publish your offer on job boards, and reach candidates via other effective channels.

Recruitment process management

As part of our cooperation with our recruitment company, we will take care of the entire recruitment process in your company, including sourcing, candidate selection and offer negotiations. We will also support you in onboarding to ensure that Candidate Experience transitions smoothly into Employee Experience.

Specialized recruitment tools

As part of the service, you gain access to tools such as LinkedIn RPS or ATS Lever. The cost of these systems is always our responsibility. Thanks to cooperation with Inhire.io, we have constant access to an active database of over 50,000 candidates.


We will regularly present you with a report on our activities, from which you will learn, among others: how many candidates we acquired, what is the response rate, what are the conversion measures and the most common feedback. Thanks to this, you always know what stage a given process is at.

Recruitment consulting and education

Besides the standard support for our recruiters in your team, you can also access additional training, including consulting and courses in recruitment marketing or recruitment and onboarding process design.


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Savings compared to standard agency recruitment. Case study: Nordcloud

See how it works in practice

Aleksandra Wojdat
Recruitment Team Leader
When we started our collaboration with Bee Talents, we knew that as Semantive, we had a difficult task ahead of us, which was building and scaling the company. (...) And the result? Great specialists on board.
Julian Wedge
Founder and Managing Director
The RPO's cooperation with Bee Talents was perfect and worked great, having a huge impact on scaling our team. We highly recommend Bee Talents as a recruitment partner!
Dorothy Kowalik
IT Recruitment Team Lead
In a very dynamic period for us, the RPO service allowed us at Nordcloud to maintain the quality and pace of completing international recruitment projects.
Małgorzata Ciochon
Recruitment Team Leader
Bee Talents successfully completed recruitment for many positions within the agreed deadline. They cooperated effectively and quickly helped us with all the needs and challenges arising in the projects.
Marta Mikolajczyk
Talent Acquisition Partner
Bee Talents helped us to hire a lot of developers in a demanding time for Codility of intensive organization scaling. [...] If you care about results, don't even think about it! Bee Talents is a great option for you.
Adrian Roth
[Klaudia] She supported not only our recruitment processes, but also broadly understood HR and EB. We recommend Bee Talents for the speed of reaction, flexibility, willingness to prototype solutions and, above all, partnership cooperation.

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