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Bee Talents is a team of driven people who know how to build and scale teams in the tech industry. We started in 2015 by recruiting IT professionals.
Today, we have a track record of thousands of recruitment projects for startups, big corporations, and tech companies, helping them grow in key areas – from IT to sales.
Whether we work with a big company or one that only just takes off, we always become a part of it – for as long as you need us. We get to know your needs and challenges to hire people who fit the job description and the company like a glove.
By sharing our knowledge, immersing ourselves in your company culture, and taking care of each individual candidate, we become partners at each stage of the recruitment process. 
And we all have a good time while we’re at it – just ask our clients. :)
And here are some of them

What it’s like working with us


Bee Talents is a 40-person team of recruitment experts and pioneers in hiring in the RPO model on the Polish market (we have employed 100 people in 6 months and 122 people in 12 months). By using our knowledge, you will avoid many common mistakes that others make.


We are not afraid of changes, and we adapt our cooperation models (RPO, retainer fee and success fee) to the current challenges of our clients. We do not bind ourselves with long contracts because we believe that the effects of our work will speak for themselves!


Our advanced processes and tools, such as ATS, LinkedIn RPS and the InHire database of 50,000 candidates, enable us to quickly identify and reach the best talents. Thanks to effective market mapping and optimization of communication channels, we shorten the time needed to find the perfect candidate - the first candidates appear in less than 5 days.


Our activities are always based on solid data and best practices, which translates into the certainty of achieving the intended recruitment goals, regardless of market challenges. 100% of the candidates we employ have passed the trial period, and over 83% stay with the company for over a year!


We precisely diagnose the sources of our clients' recruitment problems, always taking into account available data. Thanks to this, we achieve specific results - without understatements, generalities and vague promises. We do not hide our activities: every week we provide a report summarizing our activities (including: number of candidates in the process, response rate, feedback on the offer).

What others say about working with us

Maryana Kateba
Senior Recruitment and EB Specialist
Grupa Żywiec S.A.
The success of the cooperation between BeeTalents and Grupa Żywiec is mainly due to transparent communication, mutual respect, common goal and care for positive experiences of candidates during the recruitment process.
Justyna Cichocka
Employer Branding Specialist
Solwit S.A
The results of working with BeeTalents encouraged us to continue our collaboration. We see great potential in recruitment marketing [...].
Wojciech Ogrodowczyk
Brains & Beards
The Bee Talents offer allowed us to find interesting candidates without spending a lot of our time. Working with them was fast, solid, and, most importantly, successful.
Aleksandra Wojdat
Recruitment Team Leader
When we started our collaboration with Bee Talents, we knew that as Semantive, we had a difficult task ahead of us, which was building and scaling the company. (...) And the result? Great specialists on board.
Julian Wedge
Founder and Managing Director
The RPO's cooperation with Bee Talents was perfect and worked great, having a huge impact on scaling our team. We highly recommend Bee Talents as a recruitment partner!

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