Increase the effectiveness of recruitment thanks to the recruitment marketing

Are you looking for top IT talent to strengthen your business? We are well aware that finding and attracting the right candidates in this competitive environment can be a challenge. That's why we created a recruitment marketing service to help you achieve your recruitment goals.

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What is recruitment marketing?

Our service is based on running paid campaigns in popular advertising systems such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Why is it so important? Because these advertising platforms offer great opportunities to reach the right candidates. Thanks to them, we can precisely target your target group to reach people with specific skills, experience and interests

Once we have established the target group, we create and launch advertising campaigns that are tailored specifically to your needs. Our team focuses on creating compelling advertising content that will attract the attention of potential candidates. We use the latest tools and techniques to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Our main goal is not only to attract more CVs from candidates, but also to build a strong employer brand. In the IT industry, the competition for the best talents is huge, so it is important that your company is recognizable and attractive to potential candidates. Our campaigns not only increase the number of applications, but also build a positive image of your company as a place worth working for.


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Why is it worth using our service?

Precise targeting: thanks to advanced knowledge of advertising tools, we can precisely define the target group of your recruitment campaign. We can focus on candidates with specific skills and experience, which allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of recruitment.
Increased brand awareness: Our recruitment marketing service not only attracts candidates, but also increases awareness of your brand in the IT industry. We create professional advertising campaigns that will expose your company to potential talents. We will create promotional materials for you that will be remembered by potential candidates.
Saving time and resources: running an effective recruitment campaign takes time and knowledge. Our experienced team will take care of the entire process, from creating an advertising strategy to monitoring results and optimizing the campaign and reporting.

See how it works in practice

Justyna Cichocka
Employer Branding Specialist
Solwit S.A
The results of working with BeeTalents encouraged us to continue our collaboration. We see great potential in recruitment marketing [...].
Christopher Witczak
Software Engineering Manager
Global App Testing
In times of high competition for specialists on the IT market, brand awareness can be the key to attracting the best people. BeeTalents helps us achieve this.
Wojciech Ogrodowczyk
Brains & Beards
The Bee Talents offer allowed us to find interesting candidates without spending a lot of our time. Working with them was fast, solid, and, most importantly, successful.

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