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Erwin Szudrawski

Alfreð ( & app) is the biggest Icelandic job portal set up in 2013. It revolutionised recruitment in Iceland, as prior to that, all job advertisements were published in the local newspapers.

Companies share their job offers on the portal and mark them with key tags. Job seekers are notified every time a fitting offer appears in the portal. Result? An effective way to connect employers and employees.

Nowadays, Alfreð operates in three other markets apart from Iceland -  Czechia, Malta, and the Faroe Islands. Moreover, the plan for further expansion is in progress.

A small tidbit about them: the name of the app derives from Alfred Pennyworth, an advisor and loyal butler to Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman.


Even though the company is Icelandic, Erwin Szudrawski (CTO) was really keen on bringing on board employees from Poland as they have a solid reputation among local developers. Not having an internal recruitment team made Alfreð seek a Polish agency, which would understand the local market and support them in building up the team.

Alfreð reached out to us in October 2022 for the first time, and since then we have cooperated on a few recruitment projects:

  • Senior Front-end Engineer (started in October 2022),
  • Senior Back-end Engineer (started in November 2022),
  • Senior Back-end Engineer (started in May 2023).

The Client needed autonomous seniors, who would complement the already-existing team. In the case of the Senior Back-end Engineers, it was crucial to find specialists who are capable of planning and restructuring microservices architecture.


Our RF/SF model (retainer fee/success fee) was the most convenient service for Alfreð - providing the best specialists for the specific roles.

Before signing the contract, we scheduled an extra meeting with Alfreð’s CEO and CTO in order to discuss the methodology of work, as well as the current situation of the Polish market. It was not something we usually do, but we found it beneficial to the efficiency of our cooperation in this case. Why? We wanted to ensure that the Client understood the Polish market before they finalised the paperwork.

This approach not only made our communication and collaboration smoother but also gave our Client a realistic overview of the potential expectations and requirements of Polish candidates in terms of the job descriptions, salaries, and benefit packages.

During that same meeting we have presented a benchmark and market mapping results for the Senior Front-end Engineer role (React and Next.js). Our analysis indicated that the pool of suitable candidates is quite limited and may require more time and effort to find the best-fitting candidates. As we know that time is essential in such cases, we discussed the needs of Alfreð on a deeper level, which made us realise , that the React experience is crucial, while Next.js is helpful, but not substantial. It significantly broadened the pool of candidates who could meet the Client’s demand.

We designed our recruitment flow to consist of 3 stages:

  1. Phone Screen conducted by Bee Talents’s recruiter
  2. Technical Assesment run by the CTO (including technical questions + task/pair programming)
  3. Culture fit call with both CTO & CEO.

Moreover, we had a great occasion to co-create the candidate assessment process with the CTO. The scorecards we proposed (for technical & cultural fit) enabled us to treat all candidates fairly and in a cohesive way, within one framework for everyone. It resulted in great transparency for both candidates and team members, and thanks to clear and united criteria, it facilitated feedback for everyone involved.

  • We have hired 3 developers for Alfreð (one person per every role mentioned before)
  • The Senior Back-end Engineer process was conducted in November and December 2022 - the Christmas period which is routinely a big challenge for recruitment. Despite the adversities, we managed to hire the candidate in 14 days (from the first phone screen to the successful placement; during these 2 weeks, the candidate participated in 2 meetings and prepared the home task).
  • In May 2023, we managed to send an offer to the candidate for the Senior Back-end Engineer role within 21 days. Unfortunately, the candidate did not join the Client’s team in the end (even though he accepted an offer at first). However, because our recruiter kept in touch with other candidates from the process, she was able to make another offer just the following week! This time it was successful and the final time to hire was exactly 28 days. Adversities may hinder our plan, but never stop us!

But there is more! As we are writing this customer story (July/August 2023), we have just started another process for Alfreð - this time we are looking for a Senior Flutter Engineer. We will keep you posted!

Bee Talents provided recruitment services for an advertising software company. The team helped the client identify candidates and onboard them to their rightful roles. All of their work was accomplished to the highest of standards. The client was able to hire an experienced software engineer thanks to the efforts of Bee Talents. The team delivered their tasks within the given timeframe, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor's vast technical expertise and network connections.

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All of their work was accomplished to the highest of standards.

Erwin Szudrawski, CTO, Alfreð

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