RF/SF clients are keen to return to us: the story of our cooperation with HigoSense

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Michał Biernat
Co-founder & CTO

HigoSense, our startup client, set out with an ambitious goal: they would create a medical device for remote diagnostic imaging of throat and ears, auscultation of the lungs and heart, taking of the temperature and dermatological examinations. The aim is to reduce the time needed for formulating the diagnosis and the doctor’s recommendations from an average of 2,5 hours (time measured from the moment of making an appointment at a clinic to returning home) to 40 minutes (from the moment of relaying the symptoms to receiving a diagnosis).

The Higo® ecosystem is composed of a device supported by AI algorithms and mobile- and web applications, currently available on 6 markets and designed with the support of over 50 experts from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France and Poland. The brand is working together with large medical companies in Europe and Africa; Higo® is also used in refugee centers.


Our RF/SF (retainer fee/success fee) service model proved to be the right one for HigoSense: their Team needed our help mainly with regards to highly specialized technical roles, but without the need to support the HR Team in a broader scope.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve worked together three times.

We started with the recruitment of:

  • Mid/Senior Java Engineer.

After a half-year since the position was closed, the client returned to us with the following role:

  • Mid/Senior React.js Engineer.

Afterwards, in that very same year, they asked us to support them in recruiting for this vacancy:

  • Senior/Lead Embedded Engineer.

Role 1: Mid/Senior Java Engineer

Start date: November 2021


  • The Java specialists' market was very competitive at that time (Java developers were not actively seeking out new job opportunities, and a significant motivation for job change was rooted in financial reasons; even though the client offered an interesting project in the health industry, fin-tech corporations often had more resources to offer than start-ups);
  • We were focused on recruiting someone who would thrive in a startup, understand its mission, and be willing to actively contribute to the product.

Role 2: Mid/Senior React.js Engineer

Start date: July 2022


  • Similarly as before - we were focused on finding a person who would actively collaborate with the development and product teams in a startup environment;
  • At that time, the product was already created, so besides developing new functionalities, the role also encompassed tasks related to the existing project (maintenance and testing).

Role 3: Senior/Lead Embedded Engineer

Start date: September 2022


  • The role was relatively unpopular, and could easily be considered as niche - the Embedded area is a closed environment;
  • The position involved hybrid work - we were exclusively looking for candidates from Warsaw and its surroundings, which further narrowed the talent pool;
  • For HigoSense, it was crucial to find someone who would eventually build their own team.

It's worth emphasizing the project development stage at which our client found themselves, as it was mentioned in the job offer and role brief: "We are building the second generation of this product, much more advanced. The first one was mainly designed through outsourcing, and now we want to build value, expertise, and experience in-house, from scratch. We need to take over the maintenance and further development of the current generation from our technological partners to ourselves."


Since the recruitment processes were conducted for various positions at different times, it was crucial to maintain open communication with the client's team and accurately identify their real needs for each role. Cultivating a collaborative relationship from the very beginning was significant, and resulted not only in the client returning to us for assistance, but also made them open to our suggestions regarding the ongoing processes.

After searching for candidates and conducting initial interviews with Bee Talents recruiters, together with the client's team, we invited candidates for two meetings:

  • Technical meeting - assessing the candidate's hard knowledge/skills.
  • Business meeting - ensuring whether the candidate and the client's team share the same values, mission, and expectations for the tasks associated with the role.

For the first two roles, the Bee Talents team was in contact with the Technical Leader on the client's side. However, during the third recruitment (Senior/Lead Embedded Engineer), the point of contact on the client's side changed, and we collaborated directly with HigoSense's CTO - Michał.

The last role was simultaneously the most challenging of all three, and limiting the location to Warsaw and its surroundings significantly reduced the pool of potential candidates. Faced with such challenges, effective communication with the client became even more critical - especially in presenting market data that showcased the current candidate situation in the market. Additionally, we decided to allocate more time to jointly analyze candidates, involving the CTO himself in the process.

Thanks to this business-oriented approach to recruitment, together with HigoSense, we developed a slightly different role description than initially assumed. We decided that a senior-level position would better address the current needs (ultimately, during the discussed period, the greater priority was placed on technical actions rather than team-building), while also allowing us to find the right candidate more quickly. In the future, the hired person can naturally evolve into a team leader.

1 week

the time it took to submit the first senior-level candidate for the role of Senior React Engineer to the client

just under 3 months

the time it took to hire a Senior Embedded Engineer (the most challenging role in our processes for HigoSense, considering the need for calibration and changes within the role itself)

During the first project with HigoSense, we managed to build a collaborative relationship that resulted in further joint processes.

In summary:

  • We hired a total of 3 specialists for the client's team, including filling the niche role of Senior/Lead Embedded Engineer!
  • For the Senior Java Engineer role, the conversion rate from the process was 50% - the second candidate we sent to the client was hired after completing the process!
  • For the Senior Front-End Engineer role, we achieved a 43% RR (response rate of candidates, meaning the proportion of responses to messages sent by our recruiters), and we closed the recruitment in 2.5 months!
  • For the most challenging role of Senior/Lead Embedded Engineer, we completed the hiring process in just under 3 months from its start!

We thank the HigoSense team for their trust and wish you the best for the continued development of your product!

I appreciate the patience and determination of the people I had the opportunity to work with the most :-) Regardless of the difficulties we encountered together in this demanding recruitment, I could always count on enthusiasm, professionalism, and an extraordinary dose of energy, which undoubtedly contributed to the final success of the project!

Michał Biernat, Co-founder & CTO w Higo® 

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