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Case study created with
Maryana Kateba
Senior Recruitment and EB Specialist
Grupa Żywiec S.A.

Grupa Żywiec is one of the leading beer producers in Poland. Żywiec, the flagship brand of the company, is one of the most popular Polish beers, also sold abroad for over a hundred years.

The company also owns brands such as: Heineken, Desperados, Warka, Tatra and Namysłów.

It is worth noting that Grupa Żywiec is part of the international Heineken Group.


The main goal of our cooperation was to find 4 people for the growing team dealing with building and implementing Industry 4.0 solutions in European breweries, including data collection and analysis. This team will work as part of a global program implemented by Heineken called Connected Brewery. The Connected Brewery program is largely based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) whose purpose is to collect real-time data from production machines and then use them to continuously improve processes.

Grupa Żywiec was looking for specialists who would complement each other with competences - from collecting user requirements, through connecting data, cleaning and analyzing it, to creating reports and recommendations for business.

Wanted positions:

  • (Senior) Power BI Developer,
  • Senior Data Engineer,
  • Senior Data Scientist,
  • Senior Business Analyst.

We faced two challenges:

  • finding independent specialists with a high level of knowledge and skills - in technical and business terms,
  • employing 4 people at a similar time, so that the team conducts coherent activities in full composition from the beginning.


During the cooperation, there was a need to create an additional, fifth recruitment - for the role of IoT Service Engineer. The role was extremely difficult due to the combination of tasks related to infrastructure/networks and the cloud with implementation (trips to various breweries). After doing initial research on LinkedIn, we modified the name to IoT Engineer to be consistent with the market.

During the talks, it also turned out that the newly formed HR team of Grupa Żywiec is very diverse in terms of areas of expertise, and its challenge is the decreasing flow of active candidates and the need to reach passive candidates.

Therefore, the client decided to additionally take advantage of our training offer - Sourcing Training. Its aim was to harmonize the level of knowledge of the tools and to deepen the knowledge of more advanced methods of searching for candidates.


Grupa Żywiec decided to cooperate in the RF/SF model (retainer fee/success fee). As part of it, the client paid part of the amount at the start of the recruitment process, and the other part only after employment, tantamount to acceptance of the offer by the candidate.

What is important, in order to achieve the best result in each project in the shortest possible time, in the RF/SF model Bee Talents recruiters work in a maximum of 6 projects at a time, and the cost of the necessary tools (e.g. Lever, paid jobboards or LinkedIn RPS) is Bee Talents website.

Due to the need to deliver very fast results, we decided that two people from the Bee Talents team would take care of the project: sourcing specialist Ola and senior recruiter Marta. Such cooperation meant that even during holidays we were able to provide the client with substitution, and absences did not affect the continuity of active activities in the recruitment process.

The cooperation was based on close contact with Grupa Żywiec team: Maryana Kateba, Senior Recruitment and EB Specialist. We wanted the client to have a full pool of information about the process at every stage. Thanks to this, we were able to make necessary changes to it based on the candidates' feedback.

We implemented the project according to a process that included, among others:

  • Kick-off - a meeting of Bee Talents recruiters with the Grupa Żywiec team, where we discussed the profile of candidates and the expectations and needs of the client, technical topics, regarding the culture of the organization and the team;
  • Conducting interviews by recruiters with Bee Talents and preparing candidate descriptions;
  • Sending candidate descriptions to the client and e-mail updates about the project;
  • Weekly reports - containing data such as the number of messages sent, response rate, conversions of candidates to the next stage in the pipeline;
  • Joint analysis and discussion of feedback from the market, assessment and communication with candidates and their opinions along with our suggestions - to maximize the effectiveness of the process.

We also conducted a training for Grupa Żywiec aimed at strengthening the knowledge and recruitment competences of the HR team. It included, among others:

  • basics of market mapping,
  • LinkedIn - sourcing from the basic and extended account level,
  • x-ray search,
  • alternative sources of acquiring candidates (e.g. GitHub, Facebook, AmazingHiring, GoldenLine);
  • contact with the candidate and personalization of the message.

25 days

Time To Hire First Employment


average number of candidates in the process per recruitment (including candidates sent to the client after initial interviews with Bee Talents recruiters)
  • We met the recruitment needs by employing 4 people in senior positions
  • We have completed additional recruitment for the 5th person: IoT Engineer
  • We conducted a Closed Sourcing Training for the client

For each role, we recorded an RR (candidate response rate) of over 40%, with the highest value for the Senior Business Analyst position - 75.56%. This means that for 100 personalized messages sent by Bee Talents, there were as many as 75 candidates who wrote back!

Thanks to our cooperation, we not only recruited a team of analytics specialists for Grupa Żywiec, but also filled an additional role of with IoT and equipped the HR team with specific tools for everyday work.

The success of the cooperation between BeeTalents and Grupa Żywiec is mainly due to transparent communication, mutual respect, common goal and care for positive experiences of candidates during the recruitment process.

Maryana Kateba, Senior Recruitment and EB Specialist, Grupa Żywiec S.A.

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