According to Indeed, the number of job postings for positions related to AI increased by 250% between July 2021 and the same month in 2023! The World Economic Forum's "Future of Jobs Report 2023" emphasized that technology-related positions are among the fastest growing, led by specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What does this mean for us, recruiters, and how not to get lost in this new reality? Below are the sources collected by our team. If you don't know where to start researching AI specialist recruitment, this is a great starting point!

1. How to Attract, Develop, and Retain AI Talent, BCG

A good study showing the most common mistakes, but also what is important for AI specialists. An interesting point is that for those involved in artificial intelligence, what they will be working on is twice as important as for other specialists. On the other hand, it is visible here that although 50% of companies invest in reskilling, only 10% of people in AI positions are hired internally.

2. AI Skills Needs Analysis, The Artificial Intelligence Skills Alliance (ARISA)

An incredibly comprehensive report by ARISA, describing the roles associated with AI, the competencies needed, how to address them, the areas in which AI specialists work, and much more.

3. Top Companies Hiring A.I. Talent, Dice

A short data analysis by DICE and consulting firm O'Reilly regarding the increase in job postings for AI-related roles and the salaries of specialists.

4. The Secret to Recruiting Top AI Talent, Intellerati

An article describing the challenges in finding AI specialists, such as the recent surge in AI profiles on LinkedIn, making it hard to find a specialist, but on the other hand, where to look and how much time it will take.

5. AI and the top technologies 2023 - A summary of the stack overflow report 2023, alphacoders

An analysis of the largest survey for developers - StackOverflow in terms of AI technologies. Worth searching using ctrl/cmd+F.

6. AI policies in Poland, OECD

Statistics that clearly show the pace of AI development in Poland - the number of published research, investments in AI companies, and more, but also showing what keywords should be associated with AI.

7. Future of Work Report. AI at Work, LinkedIn

A LinkedIn report on AI - focusing more on the impact of AI on the job market, the new roles that will arise rather than the actual roles related to artificial intelligence. Very well prepared and full of data.

8. Talent Pool: Python Developer, AI Engineer, ML Engineer, ML Ops Engineer

in Poland, TalentPlace

A Talent Pool analysis conducted by TalentPlace based on data from LinkedIn and sources like StackOverflow or BulldogJob. It vividly shows what skills are associated with AI and Machine Learning, how the talent pool is distributed in the country, and how the number of candidates is growing.

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